The secret to a big yield of juicy, flavourful tomatoes is using the right tomato feed to fertilise your crops. Big Tom Tomato Food is an excellent choice for all tomato varieties, as it is enriched with extra strength nutrients that improve both the yield of the crop and the flavour of the tomatoes. This tomato food comes in the form of liquid concentrated, which makes it both economical and easy to use.

In comparison to other tomato feed products on the market, Big Tom Tomato Food has a more potent influence on the crop. The tomatoes treated with this tomato food have proven to be 20 percent larger, they have 24 percent more Vitamin C and the overall crops yield 16 percent more fruits. The “trick”? This tomato food has a secret superpower in the form of seaweed. Seaweed strengthens the root system, enriches the soil, and makes sure your plants thrive.

In addition to being enriched with seaweed, Big Tom Tomato Food also contains essential trace nutrients, including magnesium and iron for healthier plants that will produce more fruit, and a higher NPK for better and faster growth.

How to Use Big Tom Tomato Food
This tomato feed offers excellent value for money, as one 1.5 litre bottle makes for feeds. To use it, dilute a capful of concentrate in 4.5 litres of water. Wet the soil around the plant completely, and avoid getting it on foliage. As a good rule of thumb, you should feed your tomatoes every 10 to 14 days.