Product Specifications

  • A 99.9% liquid garlic juice concentrate
  • Fully biodegradable insecticidal material, breaking down naturally in the soil without leaving residues
  • Easy to use

Root fly control is a contact insecticide. The mode of action of the native active ingredient is garlic juice. This means that any insect that comes in contact or ingests the active ingredient will be affected. This liquid insecticide targets and controls the eggs of cabbage root fly and carrot fly. The garlic juice is 99.9 percent pure and fully biodegradable. This 200ml bottle can be diluted to give 5 litres of insecticide spray. It is suitable to use in both indoor and outdoor plant bedding and pots. At the moment it is the only chemical control for cabbage root and carrot fly on the market. For seedlings three applications are required. For larger stronger plants a single applications is enough. Refer to product instructions for dilution and best practice. With all plant protection sprays the proper personal protective equipment should be worn. Store in a cool dry place out of reach of children and pets.