Product Specifications

  • Ovens and hotplates ready for use at all times
  • Boiling plate and simmering plate
  • Roasting oven and simmering oven
  • Available in Gas, Oil and 13 Amp Electric
  • All new AGA heat-storage range cookers come with a five-year parts warranty and one-year labour warranty

Roasting oven – Roasts and grills beautifully and is big enough to fit a 13kg (28lbs) turkey. Radiant heat means food keeps its natural succulence and flavour. Simmering oven – Simmers perfectly by constantly maintaining the oven at just the right temperature for long, slow cooking. This develops flavours and will make even the toughest cut of meat melt-in-the-mouth tender.


You can choose to extend the versatility of your 2-oven AGA with a Freestanding or Integrated Module (image below shows a 2-oven AGA with an Integrated Module). The AGA Module is designed to either integrate with your AGA cooker (Integrated Module) or it can stand alone or fit within standard kitchen furniture (Freestanding Module). AGA Modules offer a range of cooking options with a conventional oven and integral grill, fan oven, a gas or electric ceramic hob and operates independently of the AGA itself. AGA Modules are built with the same care and attention to detail and is available in the same colour options (excluding claret, which is not available on electric models).

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