Stiga SMT 226 Petrol Multi-Tool 5 IN 1




Five different tools all powered by the same 25.4cc engine. Lightweight and easy to use, this versatile system combines a Tap & Go nylon head, metal blade, hedge trimmer, pole pruner and extension shaft.

Supplied with a 25cm chainsaw pruning head and a 40cm reciprocating hedge trimming head which will cut growth up to 20mm in diameter, the extension shaft makes it a must for anyone with high hedges or trees to prune. The trimmer and brushcutter are supplied complete with a Tap & Go nylon line head, which allows you to renew the line as it wears merely by tapping the auto-feed line head on the ground when the machine is in use. A 3 toothed metal blade is also supplied, and is ideal for trimming rougher areas which may include weeds as well as grass. Perfect for all jobs in the garden.

Come in and see for yourself at Toss Bryan, Fermoy, Co. Cork.



*SMT226 – 5 IN 1 multi tool, 25.4cc

*Extension Shaft

*Brushcutter Shaft & Nylon Head

*Pruner Attachment

*Hedgetrimmer Attachment

*3T Blade