Stanley Solis K300 Pellet Stove | Oak


Product Specification

The Stanley SOLIS K300 pellet stove with its stunning design evoking nostalgia, oak panel features and full glass door is a stunning piece of furniture in any room. Available in 8kW the K300 is notable by its ease of use: control functions by touch screen or remote control.

In addition, its maintenance is very easy thanks to its removable ashtray, its glass cleaning system and easy access to all components for maintenance.



  • Maximum Heat Output 8kW to the room
  • High Efficiency up to 96% – almost 4 times more efficient than an open fire
  • Ideal for open plan living
  • Self-cleaning burner means reduced waste in your ash pan
  • 18Kg internal hopper runs for up to 17 hours from a fill of pellets
  • Fully adjustable in terms of time and temperature including sleep timer
  • Programmable controller with up to 6 on/off times per day
  • Flue outlet size 80mm
  • Rear flue outlet only


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