Stanley Solis K100 Edge Pellet Stove | Claret Red


The Stanley Solis K100 Edge Pellet Stove is the ideal renewable heating solution for your home.
At 90%+ efficiency, timer and remote controlled, the Solis K100 is what you want heating your home.
It provides heat output to the room between 3kW and 8kW.

Available in 3 colours: White, Black and Claret.




  • Maximum Heat Output 8kW to the room
  • High Efficiency up to 96% – almost 4 times more efficient than an open fire
  • Ideal for open plan living
  • Self-cleaning burner means reduced waste in your ash pan
  • 15Kg internal hopper runs for up to 22 hours from a fill of pellets
  • Fully adjustable in terms of time and temperature including sleep timer
  • Programmable controller with up to 6 on/off times per day
  • Flue outlet size 80mm
  • Rear flue outlet only
  • Approved to EN 14785 standard
  • External air compatible

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