Product Specifications

– Cook enough for a feast using two ovens

– Get excellent browning results with circulaire cooking

– Keep your oven looking new with pyrolytic cleaning

– Multitask your cooking with five cooking zones

– Keep fingers safe with a cool touch oven door

Cook enough for a feast

The Smeg A2PYID-8 Opera 100 cm Electric Range Cooker has two multifunction ovens, which give you room to cook multiple dishes at once. Bake and grill thanks to two integrated grills that let you cook whatever you fancy, whatever the cooking method.

Get excellent browning results

Hot air fan cooking provides a quicker way to achieve excellent food browning results. Get a nice crisp on your lasagne, and bake cakes that are juicy and moist in the middle and firm and bouncy on the outside. The effective circulation of hot air means there is no flavour between foods, so foods with strong scents such as cakes can be cooked with other meals.

Keep your oven looking new

The automatic pyrolytic cleaning function uses high temperatures to burn off grime into ash. At the end of the cleaning cycle just wipe away the dust to leave your oven looking new again.

Multitask your cooking

Five electric cooking zones give you room to boil vegetables, meats and pasta dishes while cooking up a stir fry. The hob provides space for pots and pans of all sizes, and provides all the space you need to cook for family or friends.

The induction hob uses a magnetic field to heat the pan rather than the surface of the hob. This means you can enjoy fast, responsive cooking without wasting any energy.

Cool touch oven door keeps fingers safe from burns

A quadruple glazed oven door stays cool thanks to a cooling fan. It ensures that all surfaces of the oven are safe to touch, even when operating sat its highest temperature.

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