The Simplicity Courier STZ105 36″ Zero Turn is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ 7200 V-Twin engine. As a result the STZ105 side discharge is guaranteed to deliver a powerful performance every time.

This model benefits from a 36″ Fab Deck, dual hydro gear and EZT transmission. The STZ105 has a compact design while allows for easy navigation of even the tightest areas of your lawn. This also provides easy storage options.

While using the Simplicity Courier STZ105 you will also benefit from 10 cutting height options ranging from 3.8- 11.4 cm.


Additional features:

  • Twin-lever steering controls with tracking adjustment for comfortable operation
  • Fabricated steel mower deck
  • Mid-back premium seat
  • Electric blade engagement
  • Integrated parking brake
  • Foot operated mower deck lift

User comfort guaranteed

This compact zero turn has high levels of comfort with a large seat and armrests.

Height of cut positions

Choose your preference in terms of cutting height with help of the foot operated deck lift mechanism.

Compact design

The 91cm compact deck is the smallest in its class and delivers unparalleled garden access.

Technical specifications

  • Weight- 238kg
  • Manufacturer- Simplicity
  • Engine- Briggs & Stratton Professional Series 7200 V-Twin
  • Fuel tank capacity- 11 litres
  • Power- Petrol
  • Transmission- Hydro- gear EZT
  • Cutting width- 36″ (92cm)
  • Front axle- Steel fixed
  • Cutting type- Rotary
  • Usage- Light commercial
  • Residential warranty- (Product) **- 3 Year Limited
  • Number of blades- 2
  • Cutting height positions- 10 manual
    Cargo bed- Optional