Key Specifications

Russell Hobbs 22102 Cyclofry Air Fryer with Stainless Metal Equipment

Effortlessly prepare dinner your favorite meals without a oil required for even fitter dishes, with the Russell Hobbs 22102 Cyclofry Air Fryer!

Providing versatility, with the choices to roast, air fry, grill and bake, this software is a great addition for your kitchen. Cyclofry robotically rotates your meals for you while the halogen heating component and fan calmly distributes hot air for a fair cooking procedure.

The removable cooking basket is dishwasher protected, to make blank-up simply as simple!

Size:35.9 x 28.8 x 32.5cm

Weight: 6.74kg

Options and Specifications Fashion: 22102 Energy: 1300W Capability: 1kg Removable Cooking Basket (dishwasher protected) Composition: Stainless Metal Easy digital touch controls 60 Minute Timer Halogen heating for even cooking No oil wanted for fitter cooking! Contents

1 x Russell Hobbs 22102 Cyclofry Air Fryer with:

1 x Drum 1 x Folding Rack 1 x Tongs 1 x Rotisserie Forks 10 x Skewers 1 x Kebab Holder Plates
Flexible 1kg Cooker for roasting, air frying, grilling & baking
Halogen heating component with fan to flow into air – no oil required
Comprises rotating basket for even cooking of fried potatoes (no paddle or shaking required) and grill tray
Digital touch controls and 60 minute timer
22102 Air Fryer