Product Specifications

Westland Rose Food has been specially formulated to produce strong and healthy roses with abundant flowers. This special formula is enriched with horse manure to help your roses thrive. Westland Rose Food is high in potassium which encourages bigger, beautiful blooms and greener foliage. The added sulphur is perfect to improve leaf hardiness and increased resistance to diseases. It is this mix of essential trace elements and the right balance of key nutrients which keeps roses healthy and strong. Your roses will be healthy and more resistant to attack by fungi making them easier to maintain. Direction for use: Dig a hole large enough for the roots and mix 15 grams per square metre of Westland Rose Food into soil. Place root ball into hole and carefully fill soil around it. Firm gently and water thoroughly. On established plants, sprinkle 15 grams  per square metre evenly around the base of the plants. Work Westland Rose Food into the soil and water well.