Remington Reveal Facial Cleansing Brush FC1000


Customize your skincare routine with the Remington Reveal Facial Cleansing Brush. Choose from 3 brush heads – sensitive, normal, massaging; and 3 cleansing speeds – delicate, normal, and powerful. The range of speeds and brush types make this brush perfect for all skin types. It’s 10x more effective than manual cleansing. Advanced dual action head rotates to clean deeply and vibrates to gently exfoliate. This rechargeable brush is waterproof so you can easily add it to your daily routine and use it with your favorite cleanser or face wash. Plus, the brush has anti-microbial bristles to stay fresh for everyday use.




  •  Powered Cleansing Brush – 10x More Effective Than Manual Cleansing
  •  Dual Power – Rotation + Vibration
  •  3 Brush Heads – Sensitive, Normal, Massaging
  •  3 Speeds – Delicate, Normal, Powerful
  •  Anti-Microbial Bristles
  •  Waterproof Design
  •  Rechargeable


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