Rayburn 400 series models are perfect for today’s fitted kitchens, compatible with the standard height and depth of 600mm worktops. They also offer fabulous performance, be it for cooking, heating or hot water. With central heating models providing a variety of heating outputs, they are suited to many sizes of home. Most of the models feature an integral timer, plus the option of an external programmer, giving you the flexibility to control your cooking and heating requirements. (Source Rayburn Brochure)

Key Features

  • Various colour options
  • Large capacity ovens
  • 5 Oil (Kerosene) Models 400, 440, 460, 480, 499K
  • Dry, Domestic Hot Water & Central Heating Models
  • Thermostatic Controls
  • Integral & Optional External Programmers (Model dependent)
  • Conventional, Power & Balanced Flue (Model dependent)
  • Approx Dimensions: W 905mm x H 910mm x D 582mm