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Product Specifications

Supremely efficient and purpose built to grace today’s busy lifestyle. Compatible with standard kitchen dimensions the Heatranger model is designed to fit within the standard 1 metre space. These Heatrangers are designed to be turned on and off for maximum controllability.

The gas 480AG/AL models having the option of an external programmer and incorporates two cast iron ovens, a large Main Oven and a spacious lower Cooking Oven that operates at half the temperature of the main oven.

The beauty of the Heatranger 400 series is its ability to offer cooking, hot water along with central heating, all in a standard “slot in” format.

Key Specifications

Product Variation Name 480AG (CF)
Function Cooking / Domestic Hot Water / Central Heating
Fuel Propane Gas/Natural Gas
Controls Thermostatic / Optional External Programmer
Initial Flue Pipe (minimum internal diameter) Conventional 127mm (5ins)
Ventilation (minimum air vent for room) 147cm2
Electrical Supply 230/230V – 50Hz 3 amp fused
Water Output 60-80,000Btu/h – 17.6-23.4kW 16 Radiators
Hot Water System Fully pumped open and sealed systems
Water Cylinder Size Option Suitable for most sizes
Lower Oven Cast iron cooking oven
Weight 350Kg


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