Product Specifications

Proplus PPS762052 Petrol Blow Vac with Shredding Function 26cc

This Proplus Petrol Blow Vac is ideal for a wide range of applications in and around the garden including tidying and maintenance jobs. The PPS762052 has 3 primary functions including vacuuming, blowing and shredding, Manufactured with a 26cc Two Stroke Engine which will provide high levels of efficiency and performance. This Blower is not only functional but is also lightweight and comfortable for the user which will increase production. This Blow Vacuum has a Mulch Ratio of 10 to 1 so for every 10 bags full of debris it will compress into a single bag.

Key Specifications

  • Euro II Standard.
  • 2 Stoke is 40-1.
  • Suction capacity 6.3m cubed per min.
  • Mulching ratio 10 to 1.
  • Max air speed 75m per second.
  • 30 Litre Collection Bag.