Product Information:

Product Specification:

HD display – great picture quality

Your favourite Irish, UK & International subscription FREE channels

2 HDMI ports for Consoles, Set-Top Boxes, or Smart Sticks.

USB port for great content from USB drives

Automatically turns off when not in use to save energy

This 32-inch Thor TV is great for settling down and catching up on your favourite TV shows.

You’ll get a super-clear image thanks to the HD display and with the built-in Digital TV tuners, there are 100’s of subscription-free channels available, including lots in high-def.

There are 2 HDMI ports so you can plug in a NOW Smart stick* for a movie marathon of your favourite show streamed from the Web, or attach your games console and chase a few high scores.

The USB sockets will also let you view your home movies on the silver screen, and there’s a handy auto power-off function to help save energy and cut down on your electricity bill.