Philips 1.7L Electric Kettle | White


Product Description:

One Cup Indicator to Boil Only the Water You Need

Enabling consumers to boil the amount of water they need, and therefore saving up to 50% energy and water, contributing to a better environment.

Light Indicates When the Kettle is Switched on

Elegant red light incorporated in the on/off switch indicates when the kettle is on.

Easy Lid and Spout Filling

The kettle can be filled via the spout or by opening the lid.

Flat Heating Element

The stainless steel concealed element of the Philips kettle ensures fast boiling and easy cleaning.

Product Features:

  • Multi safety system
  • Anti-limescale filter
  • Hinged lid with large opening
  • Easy to read water level indicators
  • Power cord winder for easy storage