This high-performance petrol backpack blower from high-end Italian garden-machinery manufacturers Oleo-Mac is a practical and convenient way to maintain forecourts, farmyards, streets, parks and sports-stadia.

Power for its high-speed turbine is supplied by a large-displacement 61.2cc Emak air-cooled two-stroke engine that develops punch-packing 4.5hp; and which employs an oversized paper air-filter so as to prevent premature component wear and to ensure peak performance is kept-up in very dry and dusty environments.

A large-capacity 2.3-litre fuel-tank means you’ll cover plenty of ground between refuelling-stops; while a sound-output of just 75dB (A) makes it ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas.

With its lightweight melt-blown polypropylene back-pack frame and ergonomically situated throttle-trigger, the Oleo-Mac BV162 Backpack Leaf-Blower will remain comfortable to both operate and wear for as long as takes to get the job done.

Capable of shifting heavier items such as wind-fallen fruit, this model has a maximum air-velocity of 201mph and a maximum air-volume of 20m3/min.




  • A premium petrol backpack-blower suitable for large-scale rural- and urban-use
  • Very high-powered two-stroke engine with an extra-large air-filter for long-term reliability
  • Capacious fuel-tank keeps downtime to a minimum
  • Perfectly placed throttle-control and lightweight melt-blown poly frame ensure comfortable, low-effort operation
  • Very quiet-running and so suitable for use where noise might be an issue