Oleo-Mac Blower | BV250


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Efficient and ergonomic hand blower – perfect for clearing the garden of leaves and other small waste or cut plants. It is characterized by a low level of vibrations that guarantees comfort of use and quiet operation, which enables easy use in the vicinity of other residential buildings.

In stock

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  • The ecological engine, thanks to the low noise emission, is ideal for work in dense residential buildings. The model is distinguished by a perfect balance and one of the lowest weights in this class of blowers.
  • The anti-vibration system consists of 3 steel springs completely isolating the operator from vibrations generated by the machine.
  • The rubber pad ensures a firm and comfortable grip while isolating the operator’s hands from vibrations transmitted to the handles.
  • The large filter ensures maximum protection of the engine even when working in very dusty environments. Easily accessible for maintenance.
  • RPM control lever (3200 – 7000 per minute)
  • The blower can be adapted to collect debris with a pipe kit and a tank (standard equipment).


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