Oleo-Mac Brushcutter | BCH 250S


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The Oleo-Mac BCH250S Brushcutter has quality features like builti bush solid steel shaft drive with anti vibration to the gear head. A twin 2.4mm line bump feed head with the fitting for a blade if you need one. A large guard protects from flying cuttings.

The 1.2 hp 25.4 cc two stroke engine runs on a 50:1 mixture ratio or Aspen 2 fuel for cleaner burning. It starts easily with the primer pump and pull start. This fuel efficient machine has 0.64 litre fuel tank with easy fill opening.

It comes with a cross shoulder harness for comfort and is light at only 5.8 kg

In stock



Displacement 1.2HP – 0.9KW/25.4cc
Weight 5.8KG
Tube diameter 26mm
Grip Single
Clutch Yes
Fuel tank capacity 0.64L


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