Oleo-Mac BC 241 HL Full Shaft Articulated Pole Hedge Trimmer


A lightweight, powerful and robust pole hedge cutter, the Oleo-Mac DS 2410 HL with full shaft  gives you the confidence to tackle all types of hedge, no matter how high or dense, without the use of a ladder.

The Oleo-Mac DS 2410 HL professional hedge trimmer features an overall length of 2.4m and 50cm blade with 35mm tooth spacing which articulates through 12 positions from 0º to 180º for maximum working flexibility.

Quality blades and gearbox ensure consistent long-term efficiency and maximum productivity with the minimum effort.  The steel blades are adjustable to any operating situation.  The professional grade aluminium gear case, drive linkage with pinion carried in bearings and rods with rollers, all combine to deliver long life, low noise and minimal vibration. The primer system facilitates cold starting.  A digital coil with electronic rpm limiter ensures that mechanical output remains constant at any engine speed.  Ignition advance aids easy starting and low fuel consumption, whilst the anti-vibration system ensures isolation of the handles.



Brand Oleo-Mac
Engine Emak
Engine Type Petrol 2-stroke
Displacement 21.7cc
Output Power 1.2hp / 0.9kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.4L
Blades Double sided
Blade Length 50cm
Tooth Spacing 35mm
Articulation 0°-180°, 12 positions
Harness Yes
Vibration Level Data 8.0/6.5m/s²
Sound and Noise Data 93.4/104.7dB(A)
Assembled Dimensions Overall length: 2.4m
Weight 7.1kg
Warranty 3 years


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