Neff N90 downdraft hood 90 cm clear glass black printed D95DAP8N0B


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The quiet Downdraft hood with a high extraction rate can be extended from the worktop whenever steam and culinary odours arise.

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Space-saving Miracle

Your kitchen should work around you, not the other way round. Which is why our downdraft hoods are now even more flexible. Make full use of the drawer directly beneath the cooktop. If preferred get your kitchen designer to hide the motor somewhere more convenient for more drawer space so that you have more room to put your chopping boards, utensils and spices where you want them.

Silence Downdraft


The things you hear in a kitchen are often as sumptuous as those you taste and smell. Think of sizzling steaks, bubbling pots of risotto or popping corn. It would be such a shame to miss out on them: so our downdraft hoods are designed to keep the noise down, removing steam and odours and leaving just the pleasant sounds of cooking for you to enjoy.

LED Downdraft


Celebrate preparing dinner with your senses bright and light. Illuminate the flavours in front of you with our hood’s integrated, energy-saving, LED light-stripe. It’s your downdraft’s way to put your creativity in the spotlight.

Silence – Reduced Noise

Silence is the gateway to little classics of food poetry. Have you heard the one about sizzling onions? Or the epic story about a searing steak? Our low-noise motor makes it possible to listen to your own kitchen story. Would you like to know the secret? It’s a form of audible relaxation that leads your creativity to new adventures.