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Neff N90 domino hob, gas 30 cm Ceramic, Black N23TA29N0


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The gas hob with heat-resistant ceramic glass surface and adjustable FlameSelect control.
Ceramic Glass Surface – extremely easy-to-clean surface.
FlameSelect® – thanks to the clever control of gas flow, the flame can be precisely adjusted in 9 steps.

Rediscover the roots of cooking with flame. Our new gas hobs combine this ancient pleasure with modern living: discover our contemporary flame control. Choose your desired gradation with our 9-level FlameSelect® and be confident about the setting: the power of the flame isn’t a matter of luck anymore. Sauté, sear and simmer from now on with power levels you can always trust.

7-Segment Display with Residual Heat Indicator – a digital display showing the remaining heat.

7-Segment Display with Residual Heat Indicator
7-Segment Display with Residual Heat Indicator
This display offers much more than just numbers: our neat 7-Segment Display allows you to enjoy digital convenience while cooking with gas. See instantly which power level you’ve chosen for each burner. The moment you turn off a gas burner, the display offers a clever safety function: a capital ‘H’ indicates high residual heat, while ‘h’ means little remaining heat and no symbol is telling you ‘it’s cool, go ahead’.

Pan Supports – continuous cast-iron pan supports for maximum stability and cooking convenience.
Sword Knobs – a better feel and easier to operate, the new knob in an attractive design.

2 in stock



  • ceramic glass surface, black
  • Bevelled design, stainless steel
  • black cast iron pan supports with protective rubber feet
  • Low profile burner: elegant burner design
Usage convenience
  • FlameSelect with 9 steps: precisely control and adjust the flame in nine defined levels.
  • LED display for each zone: see the selected power level and the residual heat.
  • Pan supports dishwasher safe: clean without effort in the dishwasher.
  • Design co-ordinated control dials: easily access dials in front with strong grip for effortless turning.
  • Ignition via control dials: just push and turn the dials to ignite the flame.
Burners and power
  • 2 burner hob
  • Center front: Standard burner up to 1.9 KW (depending on gas type)
  • Center rear: High-speed burner up to 2.8 KW (depending on gas type)
  • Flame failure safety device: prevents unwanted gas flow when flame goes out.
  • 2 stage residual heat indicator: indicates which burner parts and pan supports are still hot.
Installation (gas types & measurements)
  • Usable for: Nat gas L/LL G25/20mbar(DE)
    NG H/E 20mbar, E+ 20/25mbar
    Natural gas H 25 mbar (HU)
    Natural gas L 25 mbar (NL)
    Liquid gas G30,31 28-30/37mbar
    Liquid gas G30 37 mbar (PL)
    Liquid gas 50 mbar
  • Factory set for connection to mains gas
  • Nozzle set for LPG jets (28-30/37mbar) included. Nozzles for all other gas types can be ordered via the customer service. For nozzle change, please contact the customer service.
  • Dimensions of the product (HxWxD mm): 47 x 306 x 546
  • Required niche size for installation (HxWxD mm) : 45 x 270 x (490 – 502)
  • Min. worktop thickness: 30 mm
  • Power cord: 1 m
  • Connected load: 4.7 KW