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NEFF N50 Slide&Hide® B5AVH6AH0B Built In Electric Single Oven


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This Neff single oven is perfect for getting creative with new recipes. It has a 71 litre capacity, so there’s more than enough room to prepare a few different dishes at once, and as it’s also multifunctional you’ll be spoilt for choice whether you’re baking or roasting. Thanks to CircoTherm® technology, heat is moved around equally inside, meaning your stone baked pizzas and joints of meat will always come out evenly cooked. Plus, if you’re roasting chicken for Sunday dinner, just flick on the steam function. This adds bursts of vapour into the oven, for that golden crispy outside and beautifully succulent centre. And when you’ve finished your meal, the pyrolytic function turns leftover grease into ash that can be wiped away, for easy cleaning.

2 in stock