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NEFF N50 J1ACE2HN0B Electric Built-under Double Oven


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– CircoTherm means you can bake and roast at the same time

– EasyClean makes your spring cleaning that little bit simpler

– Clip-on telescopic rails for diversity in your oven


Cook it all at once with the Neff N50 J1ACE2HN0B Electric Built-under Double Oven. With CircoTherm technology, you can simultaneously roast meat and bake your dessert at the same time, saving you all the hassle of making sure you have everything timed right.


With EasyClean liners, all you need to do is put some water and a drop of washing up liquid into the bottom of the oven and let the steam work its magic. The steam will help soften the burnt bits of doo that get stuck to your oven and make it easier to clean out. Just use a damp cloth and get rid of the residue.

Clip-on telescopic rails

Arrange your oven however you want it. With the clip-on telescopic rails, you can customise the shelves in your oven to work for you. Perhaps you need extra room at the bottom of the oven to cook your joint of meat while on the very top shelf you roast some veggies. With two separate cavities to cook in, you create a feast for your loved ones.

2 in stock



  • 71.7 x 59.4 x 55 cm (H x W x D)
  • Main oven capacity: 47 litres
  • Main oven cleaning: Assisted cleaning
  • Main oven type: Multifunction
  • Main oven energy rating: A