N 70 Accessory drawer 60 x 14 cm Stainless steel N17ZH10N0


Drawer with 14 cm installation height – perfect for integration in 60 cm niches

Push & Pull: Open or close your drawer with a gentle tap on its seamless surface

It’s always the small gestures that make us happy. Particularly when it comes to everyday moves in your kitchen. Invite your drawer to open or close softly and quietly. That’s much more than just convenient in handle-free kitchens and seamless kitchen surfaces – that’s caressing your hubs of inspiration by treating them lovingly.



  • Can accommodate up to:
    -14 plates
    -64 espresso cups
  • Loading up to 15 kg
  • Appliance dimension (hxwxd): 140 mm x 596 mm x 500 mm
  • Niche dimension (hxwxd): 140 mm x 560 mm – 568 mm x 550 mm