Kelkay Playful Otters Water Feature | Incl LED Lights


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Believe it or not these lovely creatures were hunted until relatively recently, but they are now enjoying a resurgence in numbers and, especially the young ones who enjoy little more than frolicking in a bucket of water. The Kelkay playful otters water feature captures their delightful activity, one staring intently at the water running from the tap fixed to an old piece of timber, the other clinging onto the side of the bucket that’s balanced on rocks. This water feature is made from resin stone, the detail and modelling are finished to a high quality. The LEDs highlight the water as it falls into the bucket, it is then returned to the tap in a continuous process that can be enjoyed both during the day and throughout the evening.


Out of stock



  • Constructed From durable Resin
  • Includes LED Lights to add brightness to the feature
  • Set up is easy as the pump is included which makes it easier to install
  • No main plumping is required so installation is easy