Kalor Redonda | Wood Pellet | Ductable | Steel | 12KW


The Kalor Redonda Steel 12D is a 12kW Ductable Air Stove, similar to a standard Air Stove but some of the heat produced can be “ducted” to another room via a simple duct at the rear of the stove. The Kalor Redonda Steel 12D has a beautiful, curved design that offers a more modern look and would complement many contemporary, interior designs. The Redonda Steel models are available in four colours (see below) and offer superb efficiency of almost 93%.



  • Kalor Redonda Steel 12D Features:Sleek, modern design
    High efficiency – Kalor Perfecta line
    Stunning aesthetics
    Modern, coloured steel design
    Monoblock – steel structure, hand welded
    Removable, air tight ash box
    Programmable LED control panel
    Thermostatic control
    Five-step power setting
    Extra duct connection at rear
    High temperature resistant, glass-ceramic window
    Remote Control
    Choice of coloursREDONDA STEEL 12D DUCTABLE – TECH. DATAWood pellet stove for space heat only
    Option to duct heat into one additional room (3 – 4m max.)
    Average Thermal Heat Input (Min – Max): 2.84 – 10.1kW
    Performance Efficiency (Min – Max): 89.53 – 92.7%
    Nominal Overall Power Yield (Min – Max): 2.64 – 9.05kW
    Approx. Heating Capacity – Poor Insulation: 55 – 150m2
    Approx. Heating Capacity – Good Insulation: 170 – 450m2
    Pellet Consumption (Min – Max): 0.6 – 2.0kg/hr
    Pellet Tank Capacity: 13kg
    Approx. burn time (Min – Max): 6 – 22hrs
    Flue Outlet Diameter: 80mm
    Electrical Requirement (working): 100W
    Electrical Requirement (starting): 300W
    Net Weight: 92kg
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 1,020 x 520 x 510mm
    Specifications & products may change at any time & without notice


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