Kalor Petite | Wood Pellet | Air Stove | 6KW


This stove was created to be positioned in rooms with limited spaces: its small size and modern design make it perfect for any type of environment. Stainless steel covers the compact structure of the stove which adapts perfectly to any style of home, becoming a design object in itself. The optional “Wi-fi ” allows you to control the stove from a remote location.



Average Thermal Heat Input (Min-Max): 2.7 – 6.2kW
Performance Efficiency (Min-Max): 90.0 – 93.3%
Nominal Overall Power Yield (Min-Max): 2.5 – 5.53kW Approx.
Heating Capacity – Poor Insulation: 40 – 90m3 Approx.
Heating Capacity – Good Insulation: 120 – 145m3
Pellet Consumption (Min – Max): 0.57 – 1.34kg/hr
Pellet Tank Capacity: 11kg
Approx. burn time (Min-Max): 8 – 19hrs
Flue Outlet Diameter: 80mm
Electrical Requirement (working): 100W
Electrical Requirement (starting): 300W
Net Weight: 45kg Dimensions (H x W x D): 770 x 426 x 487mm


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