<h2>Product Specification:</h2>
The Kalor Francesca 17B is a 17kW Boiler Stove offering great design in conjunction with a highly efficient boiler. The Francesca 17B is available in three colours and offers exceptional efficiency at 96%. It’s absolutely superb value for money and a really inexpensive way to provide heat for your home, whilst protecting the environment.
<h2 class=”drop_h3″>Kalor Francesca 17B Features:</h2>
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<li>Sleek, modern and compact design</li>
<li>High efficiency</li>
<li>Stunning aesthetics</li>
<li> Glass door with mirror block-out when cold</li>
<li>Monoblock – steel structure, hand welded</li>
<li>Removable, air tight ash box</li>
<li>Neat, integrated boiler</li>
<li>Integrated expansion vessel</li>
<li>Programmable LED control panel</li>
<li>Thermostatic control</li>
<li>Nine-step power setting – water</li>
<li>Separate 5-step power setting – room</li>
<li>High temperature resistant, glass-ceramic window</li>
<li>Remote Control</li>
<li>Choice of colours</li>
<li>WI-FI enabled</li>