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Product Specifications

Multilevel Fan Cooking
This Fan oven is perfect for cooking different foods that require the same cooking temperature on three shelve set the same time.

Variable Grill Function with Tilt Cleaning
For grilling steaks, kebabs and sausages or cooking vegetables au gratin or toasting bread.Once cooled down this Grill can be Tilted down manually for Easier Cleaing above and around it

Save Energy and Time
Indesit’s Newest A Rated Energy Fan Oven will save you time and Energy: Up to 20% of the recommended cook time and A energy design

Defrost Setting

For those times when you need to defrost quickly and safely, just use the defrost setting on your Indesit Oven with the door closedand the oven will gently defrost your food away from the Kitchen counter

Click and Clean Glass and tilt
To Help you keep yourIndesit Oven prestine you can Click off the Cover on the Door and slide out the glass. The Grillcan be tilted down manually for Easier Cleaing above and around it

Key Specifications

  • Fast and Efficient Fan Cooking on up to 3 levels
  • Manual Timer Dial and Thermostat Led light
  • Variable Grill Function
  • Click and Clean Glass with Tilting Grill