Product Specifications


This petrol grass trimmer from Hyundai is powered by a 50.8cc 2-stroke recoil start petrol engine, and stands out from traditional grass trimmers by the way in which its mounted on to large wheels for increased maneuverability and perfect balance. Ideal for both professional and domestic users, you will be able to effortlessly cut through tough weeds, grass, scrub and brambles.

The advantages of this grass trimmer being mounted on to wheels includes reduced back and arm strain, the ability to cut under low-hanging trees and hedgerows and being able to efficiently trim large areas.


The HYWT5080 is equipped with a durable nylon string cutting head which can cut through even the toughest of foliage with ease, and with a cutting width of 400mm – 450mm it will always make quick work of the task at hand.

The foldable handles allow for easy transportation and storage, and the handles can also be adjusted to suit your height for increased comfort. All of the controls are also mounted on the hand grip for added safety and increased precision.

Ideal for users who find handheld grass trimmers / grass trimmers too strenuous, or who have large properties to maintain, this innovative product from Hyundai is becoming increasingly popular among keen gardeners and groundskeepers.

Key Specifications

  • Mounted on to large wheels for increased maneuverability and perfect balance.
  • Powered by a 50.8cc 2-stroke petrol engine for powerful cutting performance.
  • Nylon cutting head with cutting width of 400mm-450mm.
  • Easily cut beneath low hanging tree branches and hedgerows.
  • 800ml fuel tank for long running time.