Help is here. Welcome to Google Home.

With a simple “Ok Google”, open yourself to a world of hands-free assistance with Google Home. From playing your favourite music play-list, to streaming content to your TV via Chromecast or managing your busy schedule, Google Home is the voice-operated assistant you didn’t even know you needed. Google Home also recognises up to 6 different users, so your whole family can tailor their own playlists or planners with Google Home to their own personalised preferences.

Google Assistant is your own personal Google, ready to help or answer any question with a simple “Ok Google” voice command. These helpful features are based on data, so the more data and information Assistant has about you, the faster and better it can respond to help you with your everyday tasks or queries.

Manage everyday tasks effortlessly.

Got a hot date or a birthday coming up but don’t want to forget? By adding dates and times to your calendar, Google Home will never let you forget where and when you need to be for those important moments. Even if you have something important coming up but forget what it is, once added to your calendar, Google Home will remind you of any event when asked.

Play music for any occasion.

Google Home’s speaker delivers big, rich sounds in a small form factor. By pairing the speaker to your favourite music streaming service, you can ask Google to play your favourite playlist, adjust the volume, skip a track or pause the playback with a simple voice command, or with the simple touch control sitting on top of the speaker. Group any combination of Google Home, Chromecast Audio or speakers with built-in Chromecast for synchronous music throughout your home.

Control your Smart Home.

From your lights to your heating to even your TV, by connecting your smart devices and Google Home to your home Wi-Fi network, you can synchronise them all into a connected eco-system that you can control from the comfort of your living room.

Get answers from Google.

Get real-time answers from Google about current affairs, sport or anything that interests you with simple voice commands while continuing to focus on what you are doing. Anything from nutritional information to live scores and updates on your favourite sporting event, an entire world of information is available to you with Google Home, just ask the question.