Product Specifications

The Farho Xana Plus Electric Radiator 11-panel model has a width of 1010mm.

Farho Xana Plus Electric Radiators are low energy use suitable for residential or commercial properties. Running costs are low, similar radiators use up to 50% more electricity.

The most important characteristic of this new product is its flexibility when heating a house, office, or room. You will be able to have the heat you want, when you want, and where you want.

Use the Farho Room Measure Tool (available on Android) to calculate the radiators required to heat your rooms.

In programming mode, the desired temperature can be set up in up to six, independent, operating periods for each day of the week. By programming the Farho Xana Plus radiators or by using them manually, you get the right amount of heat at the right time, and in the right place. Some rooms can be set to be warm, others hot and others no heat at all.

You can also remotely control the radiators using the Nexho app on your mobile phone and a central control unit (sold separately).

The Nexho app can be downloaded free on on Google Play and the App Store.

Wall fitting kit included.

The Farho Xana Plus Electric Radiator includes a manufacturers warranty of 10 years.

Part NumberXP-11

Radiator Width (mm)1010

Energy Output (W)1210

Panels11Width (mm)1010

Height (mm)590

Depth (mm)95

Weight (kg)23.5

Area heated (m²)up to 19.10