The machines in Efco’s ‘Home-Plus’ range are designed specifically for domestic use, characterised by lightweight and compact construction, ease of use, and ease of maintenance. This makes keeping a neat and well-ordered garden a pleasingly simple matter, with tools available for just about every horticultural task imaginable. The STARK 2500 S, for example, is a powerful yet easy to handle grass trimmer perfect for trimming and tidying long grass and lawn edges in small to medium sized gardens, offering a superb balance between cutting power and user-friendly manoeuvrability.

Featuring a straight shaft for optimal power transfer, the STARK 2500 S is supplied as standard with an exceptionally effective dual nylon line trimmer head. This trimmer head provides the precision required for managing lawn edges and borders, but with a semi-automatic ‘Tap & Go’ line feed system it is also efficient enough to tackle longer grass and nettles when required. This is complemented perfectly by a protective debris shield which deflects grass clippings, stones, soil and any other detritus thrown up during operation, thus ensuring your safety and comfort.

Power, meanwhile, is supplied via a hard working 25.4cc two-stroke petrol engine, built with a user-friendly, primer-assisted recoil pull starting system to ensure smooth engine pick-up with no kickback. This engine benefits immeasurably from in inclusion of ‘Burn Right’ technology, designed to reduce polluting agents, such as unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, by up to 80%. By improving the combustion process this clever system also improves fuel efficiency, thus also reducing running costs and ensuring that the STARK 2500 S can offer outstanding performance along with fantastic value for money.

For added convenience, meanwhile, the STARK 2500 S also features an ergonomic loop handle for extra comfort and control, with self-lubricating bearings on the transmission to minimise vibrations and prevent user fatigue. In addition to this, the inclusion of a high capacity, semi-transparent 0.75 litre fuel tank (designed to allow you to check fuel levels at a glance) and an easy access air filter with a quick-release catch both help to facilitate quick and easy maintenance. This ease of operation makes the STARK 2500 S a fantastic choice for less experienced users, as well as an ideal way to achieve pristine finish in any domestic garden