Ecoforest Creta | Wood Pellet | Air Stove | 6 KW


  • Advanced, 6 button, LCD display for user-friendly control
  • Daily, weekday, weekend programming
  • Simple but sleek, modern design
  • Very compact and neat size – only 792mm high
  • Giant hopper – 15kg
  • Solid construction
  • Multiple safety sensors and alarms
  • Vermiculite combustion panel
  • Anti-explosion valve
  • Rear or side flue exit for flexible installation
  • Wi-Fi enabled – remote operation via optional Smarthphone App
  • Free commissioning
  • 5-year warranty*
  • Maintenance contract available


The Ecoforest Creta 6 is a 6kW air stove which has the same specifications as all Ecoforest’s top-of-the-range stoves.  The Creta 6 is ideal for any home, including newly retrofitted home, NZEB homes and PassivHaus and complements any home’s design with its sleek modern design.  The Creta 6 is a certified airtight stove, meaning that you don’t need an uncontrolled, combustion vent in your room, like you do with most other stoves. It also offers industry-leading self-adjusting stove settings, with automatic regulation of air supply, to ensure the best combustion and a beautiful flame at all times, regardless of external conditions.


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