Bongo A Connected Series electric scooter by Cecotec. Rides uphill thanks to its maximum power of 700 W. Smartphone App. Interchangeable battery, which provides it with an unlimited range from 25 km, and 8.5” puncture-proof Tubeless tyres.


  • Electric scooter with a rated power of 350 W and a maximum power of 700 W, capable of overcoming slopes and moving around any surface.
  • Removable and interchangeable Panasonic battery that provides it with unlimited battery, from 25 km on.
  • Smartphone APP: Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity it is capable of pairing the scooter with your phone where you can observe different settings and information.
  • 8.5” Tubeless tyres, stronger and with a burst-proof system.
  • 3 riding modes to adapt to any situation: Eco mode for safe handling and battery saving. Comfort mode, the best performance combined with an optimum battery consumption. Sport mode, reaches maximum power and up to 25 km/h on every type of surface.
  • Maximum-safety triple brake system, with disc brake, electric bake and an extra manual rear brake. On-board computer that displays speed and battery. It also shows the electric scooter’s status and settings.
  • Compact, easy folding Mazinger grip and mast system to reduce use of space and improve transportation and storage.
  • Optimise your electric scooter’s battery by selecting cruise speed.
  • Maximum charging time of 4-5 hours to have it ready for use at any moment.