Product Specifications

Black & Decker 500W Corded Hammer Drill | Plus 8 Piece Drill Bit Set | BEH200TB-GB

This inexpensive drill is perfect for the home DIYer and allows you to drill into masonry, steel or wood with ease. It has a keyless 13mm chuck normally only found on higher-end hammer drills or expensive cordless machines, this allows you to insert your drill bit and tighten the three jaws down on it securely without the need to find where you left your chuck key! The drill has forward and reverse drive, and can even be locked on for comfort during longer drilling tasks. The BEH200 drill is capable of drilling a 13mm hole in either masonry or mild steel and with the appropriate drill bit can even drill a 20mm diameter hole in wood. The drill comes complete with an 8 piece masonry drill bit set to get you started and includes a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10mm drill bit. Don’t forget to check out our Drilling Accessories category to get more types of bits for your drill.


  • Complete with 8 piece masonry drill bit set
  • Lock-on button
  • 13mm keyless chuck
  • Drill up to 13mm in masonry & steel
  • Drill 20mm holes in wood
  • 500 watts of input power
  • Includes 2 metre power cable

1 x BEH200 Hammer Drill
1 x 8pc Masonry Drill Bit Set
1 x Side Handle