The BERG InGround Champion (Sport Series) trampoline offers a unique and patented solution for people who want to install the trampoline as subtely and discreetly as possible whilst avoiding the additional cost of a safety enclosure. The BERG InGround trampoline is Europe’s first and only trampoline that has been constructed especially for bedding into the ground. You can integrate your trampoline into your garden in a neat, ultra-simple and safe manner. This inconspicuous trampoline provides your children with tremendous fun without impacting on the look of your garden!


BERG Toys has developed a unique spring, the goldspring. It enables jumping energy to be built up gradually so that the forces on the body are gentler. This means you can jump higher, more comfortably and more safely.


Unlike standard trampoline frames, the BERG InGround trampoline frame is especially designed for an easy and safe installation in the ground. The frame top rail rests upon specially designed shortened legs, which are fixed into the soil with the accompanying ground anchors. A frame net is included to ensure children, animals, or objects cannot get under the trampoline. This is necessary as completely submerging the trampoline will obstruct bouncing by creating a cushioning effect.

Safety & Quality

In addition to being extra wide, the BERG Champion edge cover is also extra thick. This gives greater protection. The material is bisonyl, which guarantees years of fun. The springs are attached to the jumping mat by triangular hooks and secured by a full 8 rows of stitching. The frame is galvanised on the inside and out to make it rustproof. All of these features make BERG trampolines extra durable.


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9ft/270cm, 11ft/330cm, 12.5ft/380cm, 14ft/430cm, 14ft/430cm Tattoo

Safety Net

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