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Berg Extra Blue


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Product Specifications

The BERG Extra BFR is a very complete, cool go-kart. With more than 25 years of experience, this BERG go-kart has been perfected into every detail. Race effortlessly through the streets and navigate each curve with ease. This BERG Extra BFR will give many years of playing fun, guaranteed! Want to play with your friends? Make your go-kart even more complete by adding a passenger seat. What are you waiting for?

The Berg Extra is a step up in luxury from the Berg Basic BFR.The classic go-kart is based on more than 25 years of manufacturing experience. You will feel, hear and see the benefits of that experience while driving this kart. The wheels spin smoothly thanks to the roll bearings. Steering can be done with just one finger due to the double ball bearing equiped steering mechanism. This go-kart drives both forwards and backwards and also freewheels, meaning the pedals will remain static whilst the wheels are still turning. It is also definitely a safe choice of model since you have a back pedal brake. Adjustable seat can be set in 6 different positions. The easily accessible chain tensioner system allows you to tension the front chain quick and easy for optimal performance. The hub also gives easy access to help perform maintenance more easily. Front wheel alignment can be easily adjusted by the adjustable steering bars. Comes with mudguards to protect you against mud splashes! Can be stored upright which is ideal if storage space is limited. Towbar comes as standard. Make your Berg Extra even more fun with accessories such as a trailer, second seat or flashing lights! Many years of driving pleasure, from age 5 to adult years. CE certified.