With a BERG go-kart, you’re guaranteed many years of play, safely over miles and miles. At BERG, we have a huge range of go-karts for young and old, big and small. These vary from a foot-to-floor car with pedals (10 months and older) to electric go-karts (6 years and older). BERG go-karts are available in various colours for boys and girls. We have the ideal go-kart for you! The BERG Buddy line is suitable for children from 3 to 8 years.

Strengths of BERG go-karts
* More than 35 years of experience developing go-karts
* Use of child-friendly and high-quality materials
* Conforms with the strictest safety requirements

Years of playing enjoyment
The Buddy line has a robust metal frame than can take a knock or two. The seat can be set in three positions and makes sure you can sit in the best position on your go-kart. BERG Buddy grows along with you! You’ll have years of enjoyment with your go-kart, due to its super strong frame and because you can always reach the pedals!BFR system
The Biddy go-karts are equipped with the unique patented BFR system. BFR stands for Break, Freewheel and Reverse. The BFR system means you can use the pedals to brake and immediately reverse after stopping. This system lets you make the coolest moves in the neighbourhood!

Safety first!
The four wheels give the BERG Buddy excellent stability. So you can swing around bends sharply, swiftly and safely. The BERG Buddy also has a swing axle. This lets the front wheels rock up and down to absorb bumps in the road. So the go-kart stays firmly on the ground. All go-karts in the Buddy line have pneumatic tyres. These tyres provide more comfort and riding ease. And pneumatic tyres have less roll resistance than solid tyres. This means you drive forward faster, but safely too.

Complete your Buddy go-kart with BERG accessories. Stand out more in traffic with the safety flag. Make the go-kart experience on the Buddy BMW and Cross even more real with the Race Soundbox! All other Buddys have the Race Soundbox option. This soundbox has 4 different sounds: braking, tooting, starting the motor, and accelerating. Playing outdoors gets even better with a trailer!


Not suitable for children under three years