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Balcony greenhouses are an excellent solution for growing your own plants using small spaces.

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Balcony greenhouse as an indispensable element of abundant crops

Breeding your own plants in a small space is possible thanks to the use of a mini balcony greenhouse.
Using a balcony greenhouse you will create excellent conditions for the development of organic vegetables or fruits. By growing your own balcony greenhouse, you get a guarantee of origin and the absence of harmful chemical additives.

Mini balcony greenhouses – invest in your health

  • breeding your own plants despite small spaces
  • healthy products without leaving home
  • guarantee of plant origin and the absence of chemical additives
  • excellent conditions for the development of your plants
  • protection against pests, birds and adverse weather conditions
  • solid materials allow for a long time of use
Mini balcony greenhouse - invest in your health Foil tunnel with shelves - use small spaces

Balcony greenhouse with shelves

Covering the balcony greenhouse guarantees excellent light transmittance, which is a key factor for the development of the crop.
The mini balcony greenhouse has practical shelves that allow the functional arrangement of plants.
An additional advantage of balcony greenhouses are doors with hooking, which greatly facilitates the comfort of movement and care. The opening front allows you to regulate the temperature and ensures air circulation.



Give yourself ecological products – balcony greenhouses

The mini balcony greenhouse allows you to grow both basic vegetables (e.g. cherry tomatoes, lettuce, celery) and more demanding species (e.g. peppers). Balcony greenhouse allows you to create excellent conditions for development for demanding fruits or exotic plants. A variety of herbs will be in excellent condition for a long time.


Solid greenhouse for the balcony

The mini balcony greenhouse has a steel structure with a diameter of 16×0.5mm, which significantly affects the strength.
A good choice is balcony greenhouses covered with polyethylene with a mesh of 140 gradation, which will perfectly fulfill its role in balcony conditions. Covering the balcony greenhouse with a flexible film is a practical solution that will have a positive effect on maintaining the correct level of humidity inside.