Product Specifications

The iconic AGA cooker takes pride of place in any kitchen, emitting a warmth and security far beyond any ‘normal’ cooker.

The AGA eR7 150 has five ovens, and features a capacitance touch-screen control panel from which the roasting, baking and simmering ovens are independently controlled. There are 5 heat settings for the roasting oven and 4 for the baking oven. The additional slow cooking oven and warming oven are operated together by a switch on the front fascia.

The hotplates can be turned on and off independently of the ovens and each other, and heat up in only 10 to 12 minutes.

Key Features

  • Fuel type: all electric.
  • Boiling Plate and Simmering Plate.
  • Warming Plate or Induction Hob.
  • Roasting Oven, Baking Oven, Simmering Oven, Slow Cooking Oven and Warming Oven.
  • Capacitance touch-screen control panel with LED lighting and digital control of the three cast iron ovens to give more accurate temperature control.
  • 9 temperature settings in total in the roasting and baking ovens giving more flexibility than ever.
  • Digital heat indicator for a clear indication when the AGA is heating up and has reached the required temperature.
  • One or all ovens can be switched off to save energy.
  • Special Altrashell TM coating on the cast-iron ovens, making them easier to clean and sealing the cast iron.
  • New cooler touch, stainless steel, inner door liners on the roasting , baking and simmering ovens that can be removed for cleaning.
  • AGA branding detailed on the handrail and door liners.
  • Matching stainless steel handrail and spring handles and black flush fitting side panels.

Lots of colours available. Call us on 025 31833 to choose your colour.