The 12 ft Pro Fiber overground trampoline is ideal for any backyard or outdoor space. This trampoline, made of high-quality materials and built to last, provides a safe and enjoyable place for kids and adults to bounce and play.

This trampoline is constructed to endure the weather and prevent rust and corrosion, with a robust frame made of galvanized steel. The trampoline mat is constructed of heavy-duty polypropylene, which is UV resistant and provides a sturdy and stable bouncing surface.

In addition, the Pro fiber overground trampoline has an innovative spring system that gives a smooth and pleasant bounce. The springs are composed of high-tensile steel, so they won’t lose their elasticity over time, and the trampoline comes with a safety Net to keep users safe while jumping.

Overall, the 12 ft Pro fiber overground trampoline is an excellent purchase for families looking for outdoor fun and exercise. It provides a safe and pleasurable way to bounce and play for years to come because to its high-quality design and safety features.


  • Ladder
  • Safety Net
Max load : 150 kg
Diameter: 366 cm
Height: 80 cm
Height Of The Safety Net: 180 cm
Compliance With Standards:
EN 71-14+A1:2017-11
Pipe Diameter:
25 x 1.2 mm
38 x 1.2 mm
38 x 1.35 mm
Spring: 72 springs with a force of 28 N