Media walls explained

One of the latest popular trends in interior design are media feature walls, often just called media walls. But what is a media wall, and how can you build one in your home? Read on to find out.

What is a media wall?

Whilst having a feature wall feels like something that’s been around forever, media walls are rather more of a recent trend in home interior design. The idea behind it all is to devote a space to house all your media in order to create a centrepiece that captures people’s main focus as they enter the room.

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What Do You Need To Consider Before Getting Started On Your Media Wall?

Television Size

When it comes to your television, size matters! After all, if you are integrating storage into the framework of your media wall, it’s likely you’ll want your TV centred, with the shelves, cupboards, etc. This in turn means you’re only going to have a certain space to play with in the centre for your television.

Peripheral Devices

Next, ask yourself what peripheral devices you have such as games consoles, set top boxes or speaker systems that you’ll need to accommodate a space for in your media wall. You might place games consoles on a shelf to the side of your TV or perhaps in a cupboard underneath.

Cable Management

When it comes to electronic appliances, the last thing you want are power leads, aerial cables, and audio-visual cables messing up the clean aesthetic. It’s important to plan ahead and know where you’ll be placing these devices and leave a hidden channel behind to run any cables to wherever they need to go, like the TV.

Want to incorporate an electric fire in your media wall?

It’s very on trend to complete the look by adding a built in electric fire. We have a wide variety to choose from to finish off your dream media wall! Call us on 025 31833 for more information.

The Process

Yes, we make it that easy!

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